Carl Jones, USAF Security Forces/Retired Law Enforcement/Security Specialist

Ignite the passion for Learning!


Educational Excellence In A Safe Environment!


"I am running as a candidate for Flagler County School Board, District 2 because of my strong commitment to help foster greater, more enlightened educational opportunities for and better protect all students being served."

"The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create it."

-Barack Obama

Campaigning To Bring Safety Back To Our Schools

​​​​ Voters may cast their vote in both races regardless of the district they reside in.  The primary election on 28 August will decide the winner in District 2, a three-way race between the incumbent Janet McDonald, myself and John Fischer.  This race would be decided only if one of us receives 50+1% of the vote.  If this does not happen, the top two vote-getters will battle it out in a run-off in the general election on Nov 6.  Your vote is your voice and it matters to me! 

Candidate Petition Certification

​​​​It is Official!

A sincere thank you to everyone that signed a petition, got others to sign petitions, canvassed with me to get petitions signed, you are all greatly appreciated!  Now I ask for volunteers to help me get the word out that my business is the success and protection of all the children we serve!  I will work diligently with the other members of the board to raise the graduation rate for all students, advocate for increased pay for all our dedicated teachers, aggressively work with the Superintendent, administrators, teachers, parents, and our dedicated School Resource Officers to protect our children!

To volunteer contact me at:  [email protected]

Every Donation Counts

I believe children who don’t have positive role models in their life can easily develop a void, opening up an opportunity for mischief and disruptive behavior.   

I have spent a great deal of time listening to our students, now is the time to let me act on their behalf.  Please support me in my endeavor to serve this community by advocating for our children and our schools.  

I’m witnessing a lack of discipline, self-confidence and motivation to become successful.  I have a passion to fill that void by eradicating the “Busy B’s”—boredom, bad behavior, bad grades and bullying. 

Please feel free to contact me at if I can answer any further questions or speak to others you know about standing with me.  Your contribution is greatly appreciated!